Research for port security and safer container transport

Between the 6th and 8th of May FOI led a demonstration in Gothenburg harbour, of technology that will enhance that will enhance the security of the world’s ports. The demonstration was the finale of a four-year research project within the EU-funded project SUPPORT.

– SUPPORT aims to develop technologies and business practices to the European ports to increase their security against terrorism and organized crime. The target audience for this is the port authorities, terminal operators and security managers. The project is coordinated by the British company BMT. There are some 20 organizations that work together in this project and a total prohject budget of about 15 M €, which includes 10 M € from the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), says Sören Jägerhök, Senior Engineer at FOI.

Sören Jägerhök leads FOI:s work on the project SUPPORT. Photo: Andreas Persson 

-SUPPORT started in July 2010 and ends at the end of June this year. Another demonstration of the project is scheduled in Lisabon and all that remains is basically the final report. It is a stimulation challange to get differnt oragnizations to work toghether. Thanks to the positive attitude of all project participants, it has gone very well.
llustration: Per Morén (FoI)

The project CONTAIN aims to develop technology for enhancing the security of the extremely successful concept: transport of goods by container.

– The project started in October 2011 and the goal is to create tools so that for example customs can monitor cargo through the world and to create risk assessment system that controls and inspections may be carried out where they are most needed. The target group for this project is primarily the customs but also commercial entities and other public institutions within the supply chain.

– Just like the SUPPORT project, CONTAIN is EU-funded  and has around 20 partners, including some from SUPPORT. In CONTAIN however, FOI is the coordinator for the entire operation. The project ends in late April next year.

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