Christina Grönwall invited speaker at SPIE Security and Defence Conference

SPIE logoOn 21 and 22 September took the SPIE Security and Defence Conference Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism, Crime Fighting, and Defence place in Toulouse, France. Christina Grönwall, FOI, was invited speaker at this conference and presented the paper titled: 3D sensing and imaging for UAVs.

Authors: Christina Grönwall, FOI-Swedish Defence Research Agency (Sweden), Linköping Univ. (Sweden); Gustav Tolt, Håkan Larsson, Patrik Lif, Fredrik Bissmarck, H. M. Tulldahl, FOI-Swedish Defence Research Agency (Sweden); Markus Henriksson, Swedish Defence Research Agency (Sweden)

Abstract: This paper summarizes on-going work on 3D sensing and imaging for unmanned aerial vehicles UAV carried laser sensors. We study sensor concepts, UAVs suitable for carrying the sensors, and signal processing for mapping and target detection applications. We also perform user studies together with the Swedish armed forces, to evaluate usage in their mission cycle and interviews to clarify how to present data. Two ladar sensor concepts for mounting in UAV are studied. The discussion is based on known performance in commercial ladar systems today and predicted performance in future UAV applications. The small UAV is equipped with a short-range scanning ladar. The system is aimed for quick situational analysis of small areas and for documentation of a situation. The large UAV is equipped with a high-performing photon counting ladar with matrix detector. Its purpose is to support large-area surveillance, intelligence and mapping operations. Based on these sensors and their performance, signal and image processing support for data analysis is analyzed. Generated data amounts are estimated and demands on data storage capacity and data transfer is analyzed. We have tested the usage of 3D mapping together with military rangers. We tested to use 3D mapping in the planning phase and as last-minute intelligence update of the target. Feedback from these tests will be presented. We are performing interviews with various military professions, to get better understanding of how 3D data are used and interpreted. We discuss approaches of how to present data from 3D imaging sensor for a user.

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