Web registration and abstract submission for TAMSEC 2015 extended till 22 September

The National Symposium on Technology and Methodology for Security and Crisis Management, TAMSEC 2015, will be arranged in conjunction with “Mötesplats Samhällssäkerhet”, November 24-25, 2015 at Kistamässan, Kista, Sweden. You can find us in exhibition booth B12/B14. Welcome!

The program is available now (updated 17 November).
Abstract submission: Abstract submission is closed now.

For more information about research topics, application areas and how to participate, follow this link.

Graduate school students of Forum Securitatis will be given the opportunity to participate free of charge on behalf of Security Link.


The National Symposium on Technology and Methodology for Security and Crisis Management, TAMSEC 2015, will be arranged in conjunction with “Mötesplats Samhällssäkerhet”, November 24-25, 2015 at Kistamässan, Kista, Sweden. More information can be found here.

20 Million SEK to CARER-The Center for Advanced Research in Emergency Response

CARER-The Center for Advanced Research in Emergency Response, has received funding with 20 Million SEK from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (Myndigheten för samhällskydd och beredskap, MSB) to perform research focusing on effective emergency response.

How can the emergency response with accidents be strengthened in the future?

These are some of the issues that will be studied in a new research initiative funded by the MSB for 20 Million SEK over five years.

Researchers at Linköping University have been commissioned to build a new research environment in the field “Effective emergency response to future incident site”.

“We believe that the evolution towards a more dynamic and flexible approach in how rescue and relief resources are organized and alerted to accidents, and we also believe that it is increasingly common to use players outside the professional emergency services,” says Sofie Pilemalm, professor and director of the Research Centre CARER at Linköping University.

The work will be conducted in collaboration with rescue actors of various kinds, SOS Alarm, municipalities, government agencies and others. By developing new practice-oriented knowledge in this area, society can both save lives and reduce the damage to people, property and infrastructure. The research is expected to start in the autumn of 2015.

Sara Brunnberg, forskningssamordnare, MSB:s forskningsenhet. Sara.brunnberg@msb.se
Sofie Pilemalm, professor, Linköpings universitet. Sofie.pilemalm@liu.se

Information is also available in Swedish: www.msb.se/sv/Om-MSB/Nyheter-och-press/Nyheter/Nyheter-fran-MSB/20-miljoner-till-forskning-om-framtidens-skadeplats

Docent lecture: Dr. Gustaf Hendeby

On 21 May, Security Link researcher Gustaf Hendeby presented his docent lecture with the title ‘Sensorfusion: från mätning till lägesbild’. Abstract below (only in Swedish).

Abstract: Att ha en bra lägesbild är en förutsättning för många funktioner som idag tas för givna men som för bara några decennier sedan var ren science fiction. En drivande faktor som gjort detta möjligt är den snabba utvecklingen av teknik som har gett oss allt snabbare och bättre datorer samt billigare och bättre sensorer som nu finns nästan
överallt. En minst lika viktig faktor är utvecklingen inom sensorfusion som gör det möjligt att hantera alla mätningar för att leverera en lägesbild. Sensorfusion studeras därför närmare här.

Automatiska fordonsfunktioner eller ett behov av att förstå interaktionen mellan en användare och dennes omgivning är bara två exempel på tillfällen då en bra lägesbild ger ett mervärde. En lägesbild kan ses som ett tillstånd för ett systems som skattas med tillgängliga sensorer, t ex kameror och/eller tröghetssensorer (IMUer). Genom att definiera det underliggande tillståndsskattingsproblemet matematiskt fås ett kraftfullt verktyg för att hitta en lösning. I det linjära gaussiska fallet leder det fram till det optimala kalmanfiltret. För olinjära problem krävs
approximationer. Två metoder baserade på kalmanfiltret förs fram och ett mindre känt men relevant samband presenteras. Partikelfiltret är ett kraftfullt men beräkningstungt alternativ som inte är baserat på kalmanfiltret. Genom att utnyttja modell- och metodkunskap kan partikelfiltret ändå göras till ett attraktivt alternativ för t ex
positionerings- och navigationstillämpningar. Avslutningsvis berörs alternativa ansatser till lösningar av skattningsproblemet och hur det går att bedöma om tillräckligt bra lösningar existerar. Sammantaget visar det att t ex drömmen om helt autonoma fordon inte ligger så långt bort som man kan tro utan att det går att komma en bra bit på
vägen redan med dagens teknik.

Spin-off company in drinking water security started

A new spin-off company from LiU, sense2bits AB, has been started by two researchers from the Security Link research environment, Ass. Prof. Mats Eriksson and Prof. Fredrik Winquist, together with two entrepreneurs. The company will commercialize sensor technology for drinking water safety and security.

Security Link researcher winner of Stephen O. Rice Prize Paper Award

Professor Erik G. Larsson (LiU, ISY, Security Link) has together with Hien Quoc Ngo and Thomas L. Marzetta been selected winners of the 2015 Stephen O. Rice Prize Paper Award in the Field of Communications Systems.

The awarded article is “Energy and Spectral Efficiency of Very Large Multiuser MIMO Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 61, No. 4, April 2013, pp. 1436-1449.

Link: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/articleDetails.jsp?tp=&arnumber=6457363

Security Link judged positively in the evaluation of the strategic research area initiative 2010-2014

During 2014, the five funding organizations VR, VINNOVA, Forte, FORMAS and Energimyndigheten, have on behalf of the Swedish Government, conducted an evaluation of the Strategic Research Areas, including Security Link, to determine the future financing of the strategic research areas. The overall evaluation was conducted by an expert panel, consisting of six internationally renowned scientists and additionally 28 external reviewers, who assessed the outcomes of the research in the strategic research environments. On 30 April the result of the recommendations to the Swedish Government was announced and Security Link was judged positively with the following comments:

  • The overall grading of research output for SäkLiu in an international perspective is reaching international standards.
  • The overall grading of utilization and benefits in an international perspective for Security Link has developed with great satisfaction.
  • The overall grading of collaboration in an international perspective for Security Link is effective in several dimensions.
  • The overall grading of integration with education for Security Link is under satisfactory development.
  • The overall grading of management for Security Link is on target and developing with high standard.

Some other highlights from the text were:

  • The research environment Security Link has an outstanding group of researchers from LiU, FOI, KTH, and Chalmers
  • …..having great potential for becoming world class in the coming years thanks to an excellent strategy which made use of the SRA funding instrument.
  • ….. receives guidance from its industry board and has good bi-lateral collaborations with several industrial partners
  • …. the research at Security Link is effective in creating new business
  • In education, its graduate school, Forum Securitatis, has been successful with 20 current PhD students…..
  • …. has clearly contributed to strengthen a community on crisis management systems

The funding organizations recommend that Security Link gets continued funding on the same level.

For more information, see

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Five myths about illegal wildlife trafficking (The Washington Post 2015-04-17)

Johan Bergenäs (Expert and Strategic Advisor for Security Link, and Deputy Director of the Managing Across Boundaries Initiative at the Stimson Center) and Monica Medina (Senior Director for international ocean policy at the National Geographic Society) discuss environmental crime in the Washington Post.

Poaching has a long history in the United States and abroad, with armed conflicts dating back to the Oyster Wars of the 1800s. But the illegal wildlife trade has skyrocketed in recent years, and the threat of species loss looms large. The trade has changed as it’s grown, and misconceptions about who is perpetuating it and why abound. As Earth Day approaches, let’s dispel some myths about wildlife trafficking.

Read the full lenght opinion piece in the Washington Post here: “Five myths about illegal wildlife trafficking“.