Security Link judged positively in the evaluation of the strategic research area initiative 2010-2014

During 2014, the five funding organizations VR, VINNOVA, Forte, FORMAS and Energimyndigheten, have on behalf of the Swedish Government, conducted an evaluation of the Strategic Research Areas, including Security Link, to determine the future financing of the strategic research areas. The overall evaluation was conducted by an expert panel, consisting of six internationally renowned scientists and additionally 28 external reviewers, who assessed the outcomes of the research in the strategic research environments. On 30 April the result of the recommendations to the Swedish Government was announced and Security Link was judged positively with the following comments:

  • The overall grading of research output for SäkLiu in an international perspective is reaching international standards.
  • The overall grading of utilization and benefits in an international perspective for Security Link has developed with great satisfaction.
  • The overall grading of collaboration in an international perspective for Security Link is effective in several dimensions.
  • The overall grading of integration with education for Security Link is under satisfactory development.
  • The overall grading of management for Security Link is on target and developing with high standard.

Some other highlights from the text were:

  • The research environment Security Link has an outstanding group of researchers from LiU, FOI, KTH, and Chalmers
  • …..having great potential for becoming world class in the coming years thanks to an excellent strategy which made use of the SRA funding instrument.
  • ….. receives guidance from its industry board and has good bi-lateral collaborations with several industrial partners
  • …. the research at Security Link is effective in creating new business
  • In education, its graduate school, Forum Securitatis, has been successful with 20 current PhD students…..
  • …. has clearly contributed to strengthen a community on crisis management systems

The funding organizations recommend that Security Link gets continued funding on the same level.

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