Internationalization Security

Vinnova has through its Strategic Internationalization call for strong research and innovation environments aim to establish a process for research and innovation areas aim to establish a process for research and innovation environments to systematically integrate an international perspective into their activities. This will ultimately add value and increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of the community and its stakeholders. The call is intended for strong research and innovation areas in Sweden.

Security Link was granted funding from this call to develop and strengthen its international role.

The project was called Internationalization of Security Link, and was led by Prof. Fredrik Gustafsson and was carried out in collaboration between FOI and LiU.

The project started in December 2012 and lasted for one year.

Learn more about the Vinnova program for Strategic internationalization of strong research and innovation areas here. In swedish only.


Security Link has so far reached a very successful position particularly in the EU security program. However, for the future development, it is essential to enhance the international position outside the European Union. The internationalization aims to strengthen the research and innovation (R&I) environment in several ways. The main objectives are to give an added value for the participants in terms of improved competitiveness of the research groups and the connected companies. An improved international position will result in:

  • new possibilities to get access to vital innovation- and demonstration environments,
  • an increased understanding for security related user needs,
  • through important networks, result in new market possibilities and participation in valuable collaboration projects.

The strengthening of the research and innovation environment will also further increase the credibility of Security Link and attract competence valuable for the connected participants.
The main parts of the proposed work with developing a strategy for internationalization are:

  • A survey of existing networks connected to Security Link and experience from these
  • An extended survey of the international security map, including research, security related user needs and innovation opportunities
  • Derive the framework for beneficial instruments, such as a mobility program
  • Conclude and disseminate the strategy


The activities have been divided into five work packages:

WP 1: Objectives
Output: Description of long-term goals and future role

WP 2: Current and preferred networks / partnerships
Complete the international map of security
  • Research
  • Needs from users within the security field (for relevant parts of the world)
  • Innovation

Output: Compilation of existing global links and mapping of security research, security needs and innovations.

WP 3: Prioritization of global links

  • Assessment and prioritization of key research groups and centers, innovation environments and companies based on quality and relevance of reserach, opportunities for innovation and business

Output: List of priority research, innovation and enterprise environments

WP 4: Terms, conditions and instruments for international cooperation

  • Mobility Program
  • Legal framework
  • Funding
  • Communication

Output: Summary of conditions and needs of the above

WP 5: Development of a strategy

Output: Strategy


The project has resulted in a market analysis. Information about the content of the market analysis can be found here.

If you are interested in reading the whole market analysis or participating in Security Link, contact Agneta Jansson, agneta.jansson(at)


Process manager: Prof. Fredrik Gustafsson, Linköping university, fredrik.gustafsson(at)

Project manager: Dr. Kia Wiklundh, FOI, kia.wiklundh(at)

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