Keeping focus on the innovation perspective facilitates the transition of research results towards higher maturity levels and towards practical use for the benefit of societal security and crisis management. This includes activities on multiple levels, such as national initiatives on strategic innovation activities, spin-off companies and capability-driven cooperation projects.



Security Link has initialized and engaged in several initiatives to create structures and alliances facilitating innovation in the security domain.

Internationalization Security

Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Security


There are several examples of spin-offs from the Security Link environment in the last ten-year period, such as  Cinside AB and Termisk Systemteknik AB. A recent spin-off company was established during 2010 as a direct consequence of one of the research projects in Forum Securitatis, inspired by the new research constellations within Security Link.


Four researchers at FOI and LiU active in Security Link started a spin-off company in November 2010 together with two other researchers at Linkoping University. The focus is on indoor navigation with a vision to provide the ‘blue dot’ to indoor maps in existing and future smartphone applications. The methodology is partially a spin-off from Security Link and the project of navigation of rescue personnel. The first large scale application is an app covering all shopping malls in a whole country to be released in summer 2012.

Indoor navigation on smartphone.

Independent evaluation of the indoor navigation system:


Examples of projects aiming at customizing new technology to user capability requirements and industry needs.

– Technology and Innovation Against Poaching and Wildlife Trafficking: Wildlife Security

– Integrated concept for sea-border surveillance: SeaBilla

– Threat recognition architecture for mobile assets – ARENA

– Ground Sensors for area surveillance: GRUS

– System concept for port security: SUPPORT

Robustness against spoofing and jamming

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