Forum Securitatis Course on IT and cyber security

28 Nov 2016 - 00:00


Dates and place for the course 2016
Introduction: November 28, 8:15-16:00
Advanced part 1; December 5, 9:15-16:00
Advanced part 2: December 12 9:15-16:00
Workshop: January-February 2017, date is set by participating students and lecturers.

Our society relies on that our IT systems are up and running 24/7. We depend on that they are
robust and secured, that financial systems, logistics, and the power supply chain works, that
there is drinking water in the tap and that various waste products are taking care of. Security
includes not only system availability, but also that information is distributed to the intended
receivers and no other, and that information has not been modified in an unauthorized way.

These are all aspects of IT and cyber security.

This course provides an overview of IT and cyber security, its threats and how to prepare and
defend against attacks. The course also describes the properties of industrial information and
control systems (SCADA). What constitutes a sound culture for information security among
users is described, and a method for evaluation of the IT and cyber security in a technical
system is described. Each lecture contain a mix of theory and examples from practice. The
lecturers are the experts from FOI’s research group for IT security.


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