Graduate School

Forum Securitatis is a multidisciplinary graduate school in the field of security in society and crisis management. Forum Securitatis provides education and practical training within the topics of security in society and crisis management. Forum Securitatis is managed and financed by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) and Linköping University (LiU).

All students participating are registered at and examined by their respective university departments. Forum Securitatis offers an overview and understanding of security in society and crisis management that complements the with-in research field training given at the student’s university department. It is a meeting place for students with various research background, a place where the student’s research can be understood as part of a bigger picture.

After graduating, students participating in Forum Securitatis will have a broader experience of security and crisis management in realistic situations, and a network of relevant contacts. The mobility programme also gives the students the opportunity to participate in activities that otherwise would require separate funding.

All students within the field of societal security registered at the Security Link connected research groups ( are members of Forum Securitatis. Students in other groups are welcome to join the school. A contract of acceptance is made on the individual level between the student, the student’s ordinary supervisor and Forum Securitatis after an application procedure.

Activities open to the public

Some activities in the school are open to other students, employees at universities and government organizations, and to companies. The activities will be announced on the home page. Activities include:

Activities and funding open for registered students

For registered PhD students there are more activities and also funding for available:

  • Study visits at companies and organizations working with societal security. Visiting end-users’/practitioners’ exercises (e.g., arranged by the Police, Fire departments etc.). Typically there are 1 study visit each semester.
  • Travel costs for Focus days, relevant conferences and workshops, and study visits.
  • Free entrance to TAMSEC (, Mötesplats samhällssäkerhet ( and other relevant conferences.
  • Mobility program, for funding of visits to universities and companies abroad.

Focus days

The Focus days are multidisciplinary and are possible to follow for students with diverse background. They give an overview of the current research and current practical issues in society. Topics include:

  • Secure and robust wireless communications
  • Advanced sensors and detectors
  • Sensor/data fusion
  • Information fusion
  • Decision support (technology and methodology)
  • Coordination and collaboration for emergency and crisis response
  • Risk analysis
  • Ethics of crisis management
  • Ethics in societal security
  • Special events connected to major events in our society

Each Focus day gives 1 ECTS, if the student participates and write a 1-2 pages summary on how the topic of the Focus day connects to the student’s own research or work.

Mobility Program

The Mobility Program is designed to strengthen contacts between academia, industry and public authorities, and as a platform for interaction with excellent scientific environments abroad. The students are encouraged to perform a part of their research project in industry, a public authority, or to spend a period at a research institute abroad. A portion of the School’s budget is reserved for individual mobility allowances. The Forum Securitatis funding is intended to for supplementary travel and accommodation costs.

Qualification for mobility program and examination

To get access to the mobility funding the student must have participated at 4 Focus days and 2 study visits or similar activities.

To get the diploma at the dissertation the student must have participated at 6 Focus days and 4 study visits or similar activities.

Who can apply?

A Forum Securitatis student must be registered as a graduate student at a Swedish university and have:

  • a project within the area of Security in society, and/or Crisis management,
  • a positive attitude to multi-disciplinary contacts,
  • a willingness to collaborate with external partners such as industry and public entities,
  • at least two years remaining before submitting a dissertation.

How do you apply?

Your application should include two letters. The first letter (approximately one page) describes your personal interests and motivation to participate in Forum Securitatis. The description should clearly match the qualifications (i.e. the four bullets above), and also list the names of supervisor, co-supervisor(s) and planned date (year and month) of dissertation. The other letter is a supporting letter from your supervisor confirming that he/she supports your application.

Students from outside Security Link

Students from other research groups and/or universities are welcome to join Forum Securitatis. The students must fulfil the requirements listed above and an application need to be sent in. The student’s supervisor is required to contribute by arranging study visits and participate in Focus days.

Transfer of credits for students already in FS

For students that have participated in activities before January 1 2018 their ECTS will still be valid. This is important as the participation in activities gives access to mobility funding.

  • Credits from courses: 1 ECTS = 1 Focus day.
  • Study visits and other activities: previously performed study visits or similar activities are relevant.