The senior researchers with projects relevant for the scope of Security Link are listed below in alphabetical order followed by their field of expertise.

Prof. Atila Alvandpour (LiU) IR sensors

Dr. Jörgen Ahlberg (Termisk Systemteknik/LiU) anomaly detection

Johan Bergenäs (LiU) Security Innovations and Internationalization

Eva Blomqvist (LiU) Decision support and coordination

Dr. Henrik Carlsen (FOI) climate change adaptation

Prof. Patrick Doherty (LiU) AI and UAV surveillance

Dr. E. Anders Eriksson (FOI) strategic foresight

Prof. Henrik Eriksson (LiU) decision support

Prof. Mats Eriksson (LiU) chemical sensors

Prof. Michael Felsberg (LiU) computer vision

Dr. Christina Grönwall (FOI) laser systems

Prof. Fredrik Gustafsson (LiU) sensor fusion

Dr. Oscar Gustafsson (LiU) communication hardware

Dr. Niklas Hallberg (FOI) systems architecture

Prof. Sven Ove Hansson (KTH) ethics and philosophy of risk and security

Dr. Gustav Hendeby (FOI/LiU) sensor fusion

Dr. Helene Hermansson (KTH) ethics of risk

Prof. Håkan Johansson (LiU) Robust wireless communication

Dr. Carl-Oscar Jonsson (LiU) Decision support and coordination

Prof. Patrik Lambrix (LiU) data integration/bioinformatics

Prof. Erik G. Larsson (LiU) communication systems

Prof. Bo Liedberg (LiU) chemical substance detection

Dr. David Lindgren (FOI/LiU) sensor networks

Prof. Kent Lindqvist (LiU) safe communities

Prof. Anita Lloyd Spetz (LiU) explosives detection

Prof. Eva Lund (LiU) radiometric dosimetry

Dr. Niklas Möller (KTH) Risk and Ethics

Dr. Elin Palm (KTH) privacy issues in security

Dr. Sofie Pilemalm (FOI) management systems

Prof. Carl Rollenhagen (KTH) safety and security in organizations

Dr. Per Sandin (KTH) ethics of crisis management

Prof. Nahid Shahmehri (LiU) IT security

Prof. Jan Stake (Chalmers) THz imaging

Dr. Ove Steinvall (FOI) laser & BC detection

Prof. Peter Stenumgaard (FOI) robust communications

Dr. Lena Strömbäck (LiU) databases

Dr. Fredrik Johansson (FOI) data mining

Prof. Toomas Timpka (LiU) pandemics

Prof. Lars Ulander (FOI/Chalmers) radar signal processing

Prof. Tore Vikström (LiU/LiU) disaster medicine

Dr. Sara Wallin (FOI) application perspectives

Dr. Misse Wester (FOI) risk perception and communication

Dr. Kia Wiklund (FOI) communication systems interference

Dr. Henrik Östmark (FOI) explosives detection