Security Link research team involved in EU project lead by FOI.

The EU project SUBCOP originated in the attacks on the London Underground system where several explosives detonated. In late May, the result was demonstrated at Centre for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology in Linköping. Link to features in the Swedish media (in Swedish):

SUBCOP webpage:

Three exciting events of autumn 2016

In August/September there will be a study visit to Gothenburg.
We will visit the new common C2 (command and control) central for SOS Alarm and Emergency services
(sv: Stor-Göteborg räddningscentral) and the C2 center at the County Agency (sv. Länsstyrelsen).


In October the PhD course in IT and cyber security takes place. More information will come in a few weeks.


In November there will be a workshop in “Command and control for societal security”, that is based on
MSBs new model for common grounds for collaboration.

Security policy advisor Johan Bergenäs comments on the new aid rules

The rules that govern how Sweden and other countries may spend development aid was amended in March . As a so-called humanitarian super power, this is important for Sweden as aid resources can now be expended for some military activities. Johan Bergenäs, security policy advisor in Security Link, writes what this means in practice and how it is an opportunity for cross-sectoral partnership.