About Security Link

In the fall of 2008, the government decided to add an extra of 1800 MSEK to the national research budget. This was decided to be added to the universities ordinary faculty funding, and the decision process was an open call in 21 strategic areas. Security Link is one of two granted strategic research centers in the area of Security and Crisis Management. In total the center gets 8 MSEK per year.

Security Link combines nationally leading research groups in several organizations, all with internationally well-known researchers and ongoing international collaborations already from the start of the Security Link collaboration. Seeking international collaboration has since then been a high priority in Security Link, and in the yearly report of 2013, 43 international collaborations were reported. Of these, 23 were with industry, 13 with academy or institutes and 7 with public agencies or other organizations.

The Management Board of Security Link consists of:

Name Organisation Role Speciality
Prof. Fredrik Gustafsson LiU Director Sensor fusion
Hans Frennberg FOI Co-director & FOCUS Industrial collaborations
Dr. Agneta Jansson LiU Coordinator Adjoined to all meetings
Prof. Henrik Eriksson LiU LiU representative Decision support
Dr. Erik Prytz LiU LiU representative Forum Securitatis
Prof. Erik G. Larsson LiU LiU representative Secure and robust communication
Prof. Mats Eriksson LiU LiU representative Sensors and detectors
Prof. Panagiotis Papadimitratos KTH KTH representative Cyber security
Prof. Jan Stake Chalmers Chalmers representative THz technology
Prof. Peter Stenumgaard FOI/LiU FOI representative Robust communication
Dr. Christina Grönwall FOI Forum Securitatis Laser systems
Dr. Sofie Pilemalm LiU CARER manager Emergency response
Dr. Carl-Oscar Jonson LiU KMC Emergency disaster center

The Industrial reference group:

Name Organisation
Eva Fogelström Ericsson
Thomas Jörgensen Exensor
Lena Klasén Polisen
Lars Jernbäcker Saab Security
Jonathan Jogenfors Sectra

The tasks of the reference group are to participate in a yearly foresight and demand articulation workshop providing overall guidance to the Strategic Research Area. The also supervises and evaluates the progress of the Strategic Research Area, and suggests activities to be included in the development plan, based on the annual report. The reference group is also invited to participate in end user groups for specific research projects or research areas. This includes important questions such as how industry and end users can influence the research direction on short and long time horizons, and how the results can be transferred to society.

Yearly report

The Security Link Yearly Report 2014 was produced to follow up on the activities within the strategic research area during 2014 when there was no formal requirement on yearly report from the financiers. The report describes the accomplishments of Security Link during 2014.

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