Researcher Interviews from TAMSEC 2017.

Video recordings from TAMSEC 2017 and Mötesplats Samhällsäkerhet: Listen to Security Link-associated researchers giving their view about TAMSEC 2017.



Fredrik Gustafsson, Director Security Link


Peter Stenumgaard, FOI-the Swedish Defense Research Agency:


Erik G Larsson, Linköping University and Panos Papadimitratos, Royal Institute of Technology:


Gustaf Hendeby, Linköping University:


Fredrik Gustafsson, Director Security Link, about the project Ngulia:


Christina Grönwall, Director graduate school Forum Securitatis:


Olle Abrahamsson, Linköping University:


Erik G Larsson, Linköping University and Carl-Oscar Jonsson, Katastrofmedicinskt Centrum (KMC)