Can Sweden be defended – against what?

Kan Sverige försvaras mot vad.Russia annexing the Crimean peninsula and violating Swedish airspace. The Swedish armed forces hunt submarines in the Stockholm archipelago. There is a crisis in our region, while today’s globalized society and economy creates international tensions that Sweden can not ignore, for example, religious fundamentalists in the Middle East, the issue of human rights and trade, Ebola virus, climate change, hacker attacks, transnational crime and the widespread extreme poverty world. In these turbulent times burning questions have to be asked and answered: Can Sweden be defended against what and what are the biggest threats to our society today and in the future? The book Can Sweden be defended – against what? brings together influential voices from the government and private sectors, and civil society which regenerates the discussion of Sweden’s defense, security and international relations in a globalized world. The perspectives are diverse, but all writers have one thing in common: they are strongly committed to the issue of what threatens Sweden and the world today and how we face current and future challenges.

Can Sweden be defended – against what? is a book that has no political color or want to promote a specific position. Instead, it is presenting data which provides the opportunity for a more nuanced debate on Swedish interests in the world – both for government and industry. The book will be a starting point for discussions at universities and for the general public as well as within it the political, academical and business establishment. The book also addresses the new generation of Swedes who grow up under completely different circumstances than previous generations. Can Sweden be defended – against what? therefore anticipates to engage Swedish young people – in the public and private sectors – to become involved in international issues that affect Sweden.

Text in Swedish

To the book contributed:

Peter Hultqvist (S), försvarsminister
Karin Enström (M) före detta försvarsminister och nuvarande vice ordförande i riksdagens utrikesutskott
Jan Björklund (L), partiledare och tidigare utbildningsminister
Gudrun Schyman (FI), partiledare
Helena Lindberg, generaldirektör vid Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB)
Bengt Sundelius, MSB Mathew J. Burrows, Atlantic Council
Hans Blix, före detta generaldirektör på IAEA
Niclas Kvarnström, före detta svensk diplomat och nuvarande rådgivare åt Wallenberg Foundations AB
Annika Nordgren Christensen, försvarsdebattör
PM Nilsson, Dagens Industri
Olle Wästberg, före detta Svensk generalkonsul i New York
Håkan Buskhe, koncernchef och VD för SAAB AB
Bi Puranen, Generalsekreterare för World Values Survey
Anna Ek, Ordförande, Svenska Freds
Sven-Eric Söder, Generaldirektör, Folke Bernadotteakademin
Robert Egnell, professor på Georgetown University
Stefan Ring, generalsekreterare, Allmänna försvarsföreningen
Andreas  Ekman Duse, före detta generaldirektör för Inspektionen för Strategiska Produkter
Martin Hurt, Deputy Director and Member of the Executive Board, International Centre for Defence and Security
Lars Nicander, chef för Försvarshögskolans Centrum för asymmetriska hot- och terrorstudier.
Bo Jansson, ordförande för Lärarnas Riksförbund
Dick Harrison, historiker och författare
Barry Blechman
Alex Bollfrass
Mathew Burrow


Johan Bergenäs, biträdande chef för Managing Across Boundaries Initiativet på Stimson Center, en säkerhetspolitisk tankesmedja i Washington, DC.
Mats Ögren Wanger, journalist, bland annat på TV4:s Nyhetsmorgon, och står bakom en rad uppmärksammade debattantologier och dokumentärer om samhällsfrågor.

The book is available from 15 December 2015.
The book (only available in Swedish) can be ordered for a special price of 175 SEK, including VAT and delivery, by e-mailing

Pressmeddelande ‘Kan Sverige försvaras – mot vad?’

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Productive days at TAMSEC 2015 and Mötesplats Samhällsäkerhet, Kistamässan

  • TAMSEC Poster Session

On 24-25 November, Security Link arranged TAMSEC 2015 in conjunction with Mötesplats Samhällsäkerhet at Kistamässan. The TAMSEC conference program was opened with a session covering ongoing research initiatives within the security area, where ten research organizations in Sweden and Norway gave an outline of their work. During day 2, a panel debate on innovation procurement was arranged. The audience was given an overview of existing innovation procurement tools and could listen to thoughts and experiences from the panel members, representing the National Agency for Public Procurement, Swedish Association of Civil Security, Lindholmen Security Arena and the Swedish Coast Guard. The TAMSEC poster session during day 2 started with an announcement of the prize for best poster. Martin Glimtoft, Ida Johansson, Matilda Ågren, Mattias Svanqvist, and Henric Östmark from FOI were awarded with the prize of ‘TAMSEC 2015 Best Poster’ for their poster “Digital micro-mirror devices in Raman trace detection of explosives”.

Security Link, together with CARER and the project Smart Savannahs, were also present at the exhibition, where several people met up at our stand for informal discussions, demonstrations and not at least for having selfie pictures taken with the full-size rhinoceros displayed at the stand.

Security Link would like to thank Mötesplats Samhällssäkerhet for the opportunity to arrange TAMSEC at Kistamässan and also all of you who contributed to the TAMSEC program. We hope to see you again at our next event.