Smart algorithms will save rihnos (Ingenjören 2015-02-19)

Poachers threatens to destroy the small populations of rhinos still left in Africa. A Swedish technological project with the aim to help preserve the large animals has now been launched.

Expert Johan Bergenäs and Professor Fredrik Gustafsson explains the technology and the importance of the project “Smart Savahnnas” in Ingenjören, the official magazine of The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Svenska Ingenjörer)

Smarta algoritmer räddar noshörning

The article is in Swedish.

New technology will prevent bombings (Dagens Nyheter 2015-02-12)

The EU heads of government gathers today to try to agree on a tough stand against terrorism. Mapping of air passengers and strengthening border protection is on the agenda. Meanwhile a Swedish research project is aiming to make it difficult for terrorists to make home-made bombs.

It’s about how we can prevent someone from making bombs of things that can be bought in stores, says Henric Östmark, research director at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

Ny teknik ska sätta stopp för bombdåd

The article is in Swedish.

Henry Östmark is tied to Security Link, and the Security Link projects mentioned in the article are PREVAIL (additives that hinder bomb-making), LOTUS and EMPHASIS (sensors to find the manufactures of home-made bombs).

Smart Savannahs gives hope for rhinos (LiU News 2015-02-09)

VINNOVA grants Security Link 1.5 MSEK for project Wildlife Security: Smart Savannahs. The project is a strategic initiative with Axis, Fibersystem, Flexenclosure, FLIR, GPS Perimeterlarm, HiQ, Kolmårdens djurpark, Mowanamedia, SAAB, Termisk Systemteknik and Superfly as partners.

Poaching of endangered animals, such as rhinos and elephants, must be stopped before it is too late. Twelve Swedish companies, Vinnova, Linköping University, Stimson Center and international partners, is building a new standard for the protection of endangered wildlife and natural resources. Project Smart savannas, a Swedish concentrated effort to save rhinos and elephants, financed by Vinnova and companies like Axis, Fiber Systems, Flexenclosure, FLIR, GPS Perimeterlarm, HiQ, Kolmarden Zoo, Mowanamedia, SAAB, Thermal Systems Engineering and Superfly is now to start.

Smarta savanner hopp för noshörningar

The article is in Swedish.

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Security Link expert Johan Bergenäs comments on the new Obama National Security Strategy (Washington Examiner 2015-02-07)

Security Link expert Johan Bergenäs comments on the new Obama National Security Strategy in Washington Examiner:

“It’s definitely a stay-the-course approach because a long-term strategy with sustained military and economic tools is what’s required”

Read the article in the Washington Examiner here “Obama: We’re on track against the Islamic State