VINNOVA funds early commercialization efforts around the “electronic tongue”

In januari 2015 Mats Eriksson at LiU will start a project which aims to commercialize the technology of drinking water monitoring with help of the “electronic tongue”. FOI will help with advanced multivariate data management. The project is supported by VINNOVA’s WIN Verification program. Mats Eriksson has received 483 kSEK for the first phase of the project granted by VINNOVA. The idea is that this stage will be followed by three more with approximately the same funding. The aim of the project is to verify that the technology can warn the deviations in drinking water quality online and in real-time, and to verifying the business idea commercially and technically, to identify the need for product development and to build a protective position for the technology. The goal is to develop a business plan.

Find out more on the project on VINNOVAS webb:

Övervakning av dricksvattenkvalitet med elektronisk tunga för en säker och trygg dricksvattenförsörjning

The article is in Swedish.

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SAAB rewards security research (LiU-News 2014-12-10)

On a ceremony at the SAAB, the Security Link researcher Simin Nadjm Tehrani received a stipend on 50.000 SEK for her research on secure embedded systems with strong relevance for airborne systems. The ceremony was hosted by SAAB’s CTO Pontus de Laval and the SAAB spin-off VRICON and its CTO Leif Haglund. This was the fourth recipient of five for this award, and the third time the award was given to Security Link researchers.

Saab rewards security research

The article in Swedish: “Saab belönar säkerhetsforskning