Demonstration project Arena

Arena, Architecture for the recognition of threats to mobile assets using networks of multiple affordable sensors, is a project under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7), under the Security call. The project lasted between the period of may 15th 2011 – may 14th 2014.

The objective of ARENA was to develop methods for automatic detection and recognition of threats, based on multisensory data analysis. ARENA investigated different platforms including trucks, trains, vessels, and oil rigs. This allowed assessing the level of similarities between different cases and applications. The surveillance system has the ability to detect threats near the platform.Futher on the system can monitor and classify threats. This means that the system will alert only when a threat has been identified as a threat or a potential threat. What is classified as threats differ between different platforms. For trucks, the risks could be different types of theft or assault, while threats on vessel is primarily piracy threats. ARENA is unique in that it is the first monitoring system for permanent installation on mobile platforms.

Description of concept

The system is general in the sense that the system architecture is designed to allow connection of various types of sensors. The set of algorithms can be customized relative need and type of platform. Sensor- and data fusion algorithms are used to detect, track and classify threats. All calculations are done on board the platform and the whole system is managed via an HMI. When an alarm is triggered, the information is sent to a smartphone to the driver or crew, but the system can also send this information to a logistics center for centralized management of alarms.

All handling of the Arena system is managed by an HMI (Human-Machine-Interface).

The information of the sensors is displayed in different windows in HMI.
© Milko Lapina / Sagem (Safran)


The project conducted a demonstration of the concept on April 16th, 2014 in Paris. The demonstration showed the concept on a truck, and three scenarios with increasing threats was played. The demo was very successful and was attended by journalists from the international press.

Journalists from international press attended the demonstration. Foto: © Milko Lapina / Sagem (Safran)

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